Eagle Scout Information

UPDATE 12/2022: The Pioneer District Eagle Rank Advancement process is fully documented on the following website, maintained by the Council: eagle-rank-advancement-process-pioneer This website and its instructions will replace everything else on this page once we get to it. ONLY use this eagle-rank-advancement-process-pioneer set of instructions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information for Life Scouts pursuing the rank of Eagle, as well as Eagle Project Coaches. How do you start? Talk to your leaders and other scouts to get ideas flowing. You will need to assemble an Eagle Service Project Proposal. Jot down your ideas in an Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (PDF form) provided for this purpose. Download it from here: Eagle Scout Project Workbook home page As you discuss your ideas (or lack thereof) with your leaders, we'll help you focus, and help you pick an "Eagle Project Coach" (adult) but the whole leadership team is behind you. You should read all of the documents and links below to get a complete picture of the overall process.
Guidelines for submitting your Eagle Service Project proposal for approval by the District Advancement Committee (2021 update)
When you've completed the requirements for the Eagle Rank, what should you do next? See also Distric & Council docs
Explicit COUNCIL requirements for turning in your Eagle Project / application materials. This link is the definitive one
This 2021 document should ONLY be used if the link 3) above is not working for you; always prefer the live link
You've had your Board of Review and are now an Eagle! Congratulations! Now let's get a COH put together to recognize it