Top level folder for Files

"Learning the Ropes"

This folder has key useful information for new Boy Scouting families. What gear to buy, how to get a uniform, etc can be found in this folder.

Scout Handbook Update 2016

As of January 2016, the Scout Handbook has changed, and the rank requirements have been revised.

This folder has two files which explain, and provide an insert for your older handbook. The changes in a nutshell:

Courts of Honor

Programs and scripts from troop 104 courts of honor. The Eagle Court of Honor is different from all others -- samples are in the Eagle Courts subfold

Eagle Scout Information - starting in 2024

All former Council, Distict, and Troop instructions are now obsolete. All scouts follow a single procedure, documented at our Council here: eagle-rank-advancement-process-all-scouts

Specific Event Files

Files pertaining to a specific event (for example, a Camporee)

Youth Protection ("YPT") Training

Youth Protection begins with YOU. All leaders and adults with direct contact to our scouts need to take this basic level of online training. The course suggests that you allocate 72 minutes for it, but it can be completed in less.

(OLD) Permission Slips

Permission slips for current and past events.
Patrol Roster (without phone numbers) June 2016